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Amazon's TOP SELLING book on comedy writing.
The Joke's On You is a how-to of writing great comedy in all
forms from cartoons to screenplays,  It's also a concise history of
comedy, including comic theory and anecdotes about many
famous comedians.

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In this follow-up primer on #1 seller, The Joke's On You,
Stephen Hoover takes a deeper look at the mechanics of
comedy writing.

Why do we laugh? How does comedy work? This book examines
the theories from philosophers to scientists on why we need to
laugh and how we laugh. For the comedy fan or comedy writer,
this enjoyable and fast read will fill you in on all of the theories
of humor.
Siamese Chess is the most popular variation of the world’s most
popular board game. Sometimes called Simultaneous Chess,
Bughouse Chess, Double Speed, or Double Five, it's two chess
games played side-by-side by two teams of two players each.
The rules are like those of standard chess, except that when a
team member captures a piece he gives it to his partner. The
partner can then, on his turn, place the piece on any vacant
square and use it as he would any of his other material.