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You're Not Paranoid

The paranoid thriller comes in many forms, but it tends to have
the same characteristics no matter what the story revolves
around. The fear at the core of the story is what makes these
films engaging and what’s kept audiences coming back to them
for decades. The villains may have changed over time, but
suspicion, conspiracy and secret, unaccountable power can all
make for powerful stories.

These films are made doubly powerful when they are tied
closely to real life events. Is it any surprise that these films had a
real golden age in the 1970s, on the heels of Watergate?

Today’s paranoid thrillers oftentimes invoke stories that are very
much related to recent events, such as government spying and
energy company, bank and pharmaceutical cover-ups and
conspiracies. These films might be fiction, but what makes them
powerful is that they hit close to home.

The Essential Paranoid Thrillers explores what makes these
films work and why they never seem to lose their power. There
are many films in this genre, and the book takes a look at some
very well-known titles, but also ranges into titles that were very
good, but that didn’t get the same amount of attention as other
films of the type. You’re likely to find some films in these pages
that you’ve never heard of, but that you’ll also likely never forget
if you give them a chance.
The Essential Series

Whether you are a student of the
genre or a fan looking for more films
to enjoy, the Essential Series books
provide an in depth journey into
some classic film genres with
detailed breakdowns of each film,
information about the conventions of
the genre, and a treasury of
information that will be useful for
everyone from the drama teacher to
hardcore trivia buffs.
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New Essential Series release:  You're
Not Paranoid.
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buy this on Kindle.
Latest Essential Series release:
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this on Kindle.
The format has been explored by many different directors,
including huge names like Hitchcock and Tarantino, oftentimes
with spectacular results.

Explore this film genre and what makes it tick. It’s one of the
most diverse and varied out there, but you’ll still find some
common elements that end to unite these films and they’re
explored here. You’ll also find a selection of films that are worth
seeing in this genre, from films of the 1940s to films that came
out only a few years ago. Like few other kinds of films, the
contained thriller has continued to deliver for decades and the
creativity that directors, writers and actors can bring to this
format seems to be without end.

You’ll find plenty of variations here to explore. From defining
films such as Hitchcock’s Rope to very creative variations on
the form, such as Fermat’s Room, you’ll get a sampling of what’
s out there. The films that have been selected should be broad
enough that anyone will find something that suits their taste
among them, with plenty of analysis and explanation of what
went on in the film and why it works provided for additional
understanding of the story and the execution.

If you’ve ever wanted to argue the merits of a contained thriller,
this film will give you plenty of ammunition to do just that! It will
also give a better understanding of what it takes to make one
of these films and how, with very few locations and a good
story, filmmakers can create something both amazing and
downright terrifying.

Take the tension, desperation and
anxiety characteristic of a thriller film
and confine the action to a small
space and you have something truly
remarkable: the contained thriller.
Concentrated, pressurized, however
you want to describe them, they
have an ability to ratchet up the
tension and drama like few films can.
The Munchkins of OZ
New Release:  The
Munchkin's of Oz.
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Mickey Carroll, Margaret
Pellegrini, Meinhardt
Raabe: These actors were
all among those who
portrayed the Munchkins in
the 1939 production of The
Wizard of Oz. When they
and the other little people
recruited for the parts were
making their ways to
California, they couldn’t
have known that they’d end
up being part of one of the
most famous, and beloved,
films of all time.
In the years since, some of
them became quite
successful as actors and
others faded into obscurity.
There are very few left
alive, but in their later
years, they left a rich legacy
of first-hand accounts of
being involved in the
production and what it was
like to be a little person and
an actor at the time that’s
endlessly fascinating. This
book explores that, and
Learn about the production of The Wizard of Oz and how the
little people who played the Munchkins were treated on set
and off. Learn about their lives afterward and how they
became the central focus of some of the largest Oz themed
events in the world. The film lived on throughout the 20th
Century—and still does today—on television, but there’s
much more to the Oz story than what we see in the 1939 film
and the world that L. Frank Baum created was much richer
than people might believe.

The book also takes a look at films related to Oz and to the
Munchkins themselves. From the unfair and untrue accounts
of their off-set behavior that have been entered into urban
legend to the films that took the Munchkins and allowed them
another chance to shine on screen, you’ll find plenty of
related cinematic material to explore. While The Wizard of Oz
is a great film, the stories of the people involved in it are
fascinating, as well, and the stories of the Munchkins haven’t
been told as much as they deserve, but are related in detail